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We specialize in designing and custom building IOM RC yachts that will blow your mind.

Dedication to quality workmanship has been our strict rule. We never cut corners or compromise in our work, to bring you the best possible workmanship. We want your IOM to be done right the first time, and so do you, that is why we use the best possible products that are available to us. 



D4 Launched!

D4 had its first club day last Sunday and we are pleased with the performance.

Today we did some test sailing and found the boat is tracking better than any of the boats we have designed yet. Maneuverability has also been improved. Time will tell how well it performs downwind but so far it is looking promising. Click here to see more photos.


D4 developments

The D4 has finished the design phase and molds are now being made. The D4 will feature a redesigned flat deck layout. this will help in aerodynamics and provide a more practical way off accessing your electronics via a pop on hatch. The D4 will have a narrower stern and more uniform rounder sections to improve performance.

The D3 has arrived 

This development came from testing against the Britpop in Sydney.
It was discovered that the D2 did well against the Britpop in a cross section of conditions.
It lost a little when downwind.  When a gust came the Britpop would lift and go ahead while the D2 would at first dive a little and slow before it got on the pace again.

So with the D3 we built a chine under the bow that meant a very flat section through the middle of the front of the hull.
This retained the straight lines fore and aft but gave the boat more buoyancy in the bow.
The D3 now lifts more in the gust downwind however when the gust is too strong it will flip sooner compared  to the D2 that will sail through and recover
The added benefit of the forward chine is it helps the boat point better upwind in fact the boats points exceptionally well mainly because of the aft chine's on the boat


The D2 has proved to be a fast boat

We have been putting more time into sailing skills,rig development and building lighter boats in the last year
                         Sailing skills has been working on less penalties and more consistent results.

With rig development we are starting to see benefits from using a full size adjustable mold . We have made a couple of head sails that perform particularly well

We are now building boat
s that are down to 300 gram corrector weights needed. This development  will continue with Gran Prix boats that we hope to get down to 400 gram corrector weights and more but still ensuring boats are strong enough for competition


Northland Champs Video

 North Island Champs 2013

Day one Was very very windy! Just like last time! Everyone had their C rigs up except for the few that didnt have one. The boats were performing very well. yellow submarine II had some electrical issues but was sailing well. As for me, I dident have a C rig! however I didnt give up and sailed every race. She was sailing well on the wind but that huge B rig gave my hull a tour down the mine off the wind. Winds will likely ease for day 2 and my B rig  should go a bit nicer!

13/6/13      D2 Video

13/6/13    All New D2 IOM

The new D2 IOM is the second generation of the D series IOM. The D2 features a redesigned bow section to promote the boat to track on the wind and increased maneuverability.

14/12/12     Training at Whangaroa

Video of D1 and Spitfire DX training at Wangaroa, New Zealand.

17/10/12      Graham Cross wins   Northland Champs

Windy C rig conditions made it a Intresting and challenging regatta. It was well run and everyone had a lot of fun. My Spitfire was going well but I had no C rig and I blew up my B rig at the end. Congratulations to Graham!


16/10/12     New D1 IOM

The new D1 is a radical design with a reverse bow and extreme tuble home 50% aft. The idea was for it to go through the waves and reduce wave drag upwind and to prevent slowing down when nosediving. Has sailed in the Northland Champs 2012 and the design concept has been proven to work.

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